Geneva Kino Kabaret | January 23-26th 2018

Hello and welcome on KinoGeneva’s website and one of our few pages in english (for the time being). Briefly, the 2018 kabaret is the 5th edition. We welcome all actors & actresses, technicians and people motivated to help. Like Montreal and Bruxelles’ Kabarets, we only accept a limited number of directors, twelve per session, there are 3 sessions. Thanks to our generous partners we have a large choice of professional equipment and we are proud to have many professionals among our participants.

You an find the detailed program here.

Registration for new participants

To register for the Kino Kabaret, you need to:
– Create an account on our platform
– Fill in the requested information regarding your identity and your skills
– Then fill in the registration form for the Kino Kabaret

register here (registration is still in french for now, sorry)

For returning participants

If you are already a member of our platform, verify and update your profile (in particular your Name and Family name) and follow on with your registration for the Kino Kabaret 2018. Applicants for a director spot are highly encouraged to update their motivation text.


Director spots are limited and applicants are subject to a selection process by our artistic direction. You have until December 19th to apply. We will answer by December 21st. Selected directors will be asked to confirm by January 3rd, should there by any cancelations a second round of selections will be made including all applications submitted by Januray 3rd. We will communicate the definitive selection on January 6th.

There is no deadline for actors-actresses, technicians, etc. but the earlier the better. So as to have your badges and profiles printed and ready by the Kabaret launch day (January 13th), you must have filled in your profile and application by January 9th.

More information (in french) on our registration page

* Participation fee is CHF 25 per person, and CHF 125 for directors (CHF 100 for non swiss residents). This includes a badge, a print out of your profile in the KinoLab, your profile and access to our internet platform, access to the KinoLab 24/7 during the Kabaret, helps cover insurance costs, entrance to all 3 screenings.

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