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We are currently in the process of translating our website, in preparation for the 5th Geneva International Kino Kabaret which will take place January 13-26th 2018.

Briefly, the Geneva Kino Kabaret is a filmmaking laboratory where professionals, professionals in the making and serious enthousiasts are welcome. In 2017 over 300 people took part and 35 short films were made. The idea is to collaborate in a non competitive event and make films together. Our 5th edition will span over 14 days, split in 3 filmmaking sessions lasting 4 days each. Films are limited to 6 minutes in length. Like in our previons editions, (since the 2nd one), the first session will culminate in a Cine-concert (Jam session). This is to say a band will play the films’ soundtracks live.

The number of films, therefore of directors, is limited to 12 per session. Applications are expected to open sometime by the end of november 2017. Participation is open to all, and to people of all skills, as all skills can be usefull in the filmmaking process.

More details will soon be posted, please stay tuned.

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